Ritani FAQs

Ritani FAQs

Jewelry does tend to increase in value and GemSafe coverage protects the insured up to 125% over and above stated values. Should you have a loss you will be directed back to Ritani to repair or replace your covered loss with the same, or virtually identical, article you have covered under this policy.

Provide a Police Report and contact AIG immediately, or as soon as possible following the loss.

The renewal process is very simple. When you receive your complimentary coverage for 6 months you automatically will have an account created on the GemSafe Website, which you can view at any time. You’ll receive a link to your account in an email so that you can login to your account and create a password that is unique for you. Approximately three to four months following the start of the policy you’ll begin to receive an occasional reminder email asking you to check back with us to renew. The email will provide simple, specific instructions for renewing your policy at the end of the 6 month coverage.

Premiums for this type of policy are always calculated based on where the insured resides (presuming the jewelry is kept with the insured). The location has a certain value assigned to it, and this value is then calculated based on the retail replacement value of the insured jewelry. You can learn more about your specific cost for insurance at www.gemsafe.com or call 888-558-6058.

This called accidental loss and it is covered. We strongly advise you do not take fine jewelry to the beach or take unnecessary risks with your jewelry.

Yes, you’ll need appraisals that are a maximum of three years old in order to add your owned jewelry to your policy.