One Last Tip Before Popping the Question

One Last Tip Before Popping the Question

Outside of buying a home or a car, one of the biggest purchases of your life is an engagement ring. No wonder shopping for one can be the most stressful part of getting married.

Books could be written about how to find the perfect ring. Just learning the 4Cs — a diamond’s cut, carat, clarity, and color — is like cramming for an exam. Luckily, one aspect of purchasing an engagement ring just got a lot easier thanks to GemSafe, a new insurance solution developed by SterlingRisk that offers affordable, comprehensive jewelry coverage.

Before GemSafe, many young couples decided not to insure their engagement rings. Either the insurance was too high or it just wasn’t available, especially for those without a homeowner’s policy. The groom-to-be would walk out of the jewelry store praying his new purchase didn’t get lost, damaged, or stolen. With GemSafe, coverage starts as soon as you make your jewelry purchase. Best of all, you get to repair your engagement ring or replace a lost one with the jeweler of your choice.

How does it work? Just go to, upload a photo of your engagement ring as well as a photo of your receipt or appraisal, and complete the online application. The whole process takes about five minutes.

Beyond convenience, GemSafe’s biggest assets are affordability and coverage. You keep costs down with GemSafe by purchasing only the coverage you need for your engagement ring. If you have other valuable jewelry, just add it to your GemSafe policy. And regardless of where you travel on your honeymoon or in the years to come, GemSafe provides you with worldwide coverage.

Diamonds are forever — but engagement rings can get lost or damaged. After all the work you put into selecting yours, don’t forget GemSafe and the peace of mind that comes with affordable, comprehensive coverage.

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