Need an Appraisal?

Need an Appraisal?

We know how it is. You have the piece of jewelry that you’d like to get insurance on, but you have lost your appraisal or it needs to be updated. Finding an appraiser can be an additional step in an already cumbersome process. Since our GemSafe Jewelry application is quick and easy, we thought we’d pass on some information regarding appraisals.**

A current appraisal* with your GemSafe Jewelry Insurance policy is mandatory. But if you don’t have one—we know some online appraisers who can help you. Click here to complete the form and you will hear back within 24 hours.

These appraisers can update your existing documentation allowing you to proceed to acquire our GemSafe insurance.

*Appraisals can be a maximum of three (3) years old to qualify for GemSafe’s GemValue policy.

**SterlingRisk and GemSafe make no warrants regarding the accuracy of the appraisal documentation provided by the appraiser(s) in the contact information provided. Please inquire as to the experience, documentation, and or other supporting information provided by the appraiser, in order to determine if you would like to proceed to use the service they provide. We provide the contact information as a convenience to our applicants and insureds.