Jewelry Insurance Worth Posting About

Jewelry Insurance Worth Posting About

The other day on Facebook a friend shared a post. Below a photo of an engagement ring and a not very clear photo of a wedding band the message, filled with crying emojis, read, “Ok need EVERYONE’S help!! Really embarrassing but I unfortunately lost both of my rings this weekend. I would ask if whoever feels compelled to share this on their FB page to share it for me…” Seems the desperate author of the post had sat on a park bench to apply hand lotion and placed the rings inside the side pocket of her toddler’s princess backpack. By the time she remembered them, the rings were gone.

Could this calamity have been averted? Sure — in a perfect world where people aren’t distracted a hundred times a day by their jobs, children, household responsibilities…and posting on Facebook. Unfortunately, losing a piece of jewelry is an increasingly common reality in today’s hectic world.

Having the right jewelry insurance can ensure that a lost engagement ring is replaced by one that mirrors the original in every way — style, setting, cut, and worth. While it may not be the very ring your then-boyfriend placed on your finger, it sure beats going ring-less for years or suddenly having to spend or borrow thousands of dollars.

Today, the right jewelry insurance is GemSafe, the simple, affordable jewelry insurance that covers lost, stolen, or damaged jewelry wherever you take it, anywhere in the world.

Developed by SterlingRisk, one of the nation’s top independent insurance brokerages, GemSafe lets you choose only the coverage that meets your specific needs, including the option to insure just one item, such as an engagement ring. Thanks to GemSafe, jewelry insurance was never so affordable — or convenient. Simply go to, upload a photo of your jewelry and a photo of your receipt or appraisal, and complete the online application. The whole process takes about five minutes.

Hopefully you will never need to post on social media about a lost or stolen piece of jewelry — unless, of course, it’s to thank GemSafe for saving the day! To learn more, visit