Is Your Vacation Checklist Really Complete?

Is Your Vacation Checklist Really Complete?

Summer’s here and that means vacation time for millions of Americans. Whether you’re traveling down the shore for a weekend getaway or flying to an exotic island, you will want to plan ahead. Common sense reminders like “pack suntan lotion” or “remember your passport” are on everyone’s vacation checklists, but one often-overlooked item — jewelry insurance — can spell the difference between “worst vacation ever” and “trip of a lifetime.”

Having jewelry insurance is important when you travel, especially since people tend to remove jewelry when they go in the water. You’re relaxed. You’re on vacation. It’s only later back in the hotel room that you remember leaving your ring poolside or on that beach blanket. Vacation is also a time that jewelry can get damaged. The great outdoors isn’t so great when you chip your engagement ring.

Unfortunately, many people don’t purchase jewelry insurance because they think it’s too expense or believe their homeowner’s policy covers jewelry when traveling abroad. In general, however, residential policies only protect jewelry under limited circumstances. Riding a wave in Hawaii or climbing a mountain in Yosemite usually isn’t among them.

That’s why SterlingRisk, one of the nation’s top independent insurance brokerages, developed GemSafe — a simple, affordable jewelry insurance that covers your jewelry all year, wherever you take it, anywhere in the world. With GemSafe, lost, stolen, or damaged jewelry is automatically covered. And the best part is that you choose only the coverage that meets your specific needs, including the option to insure just one item, such as an engagement ring or fine watch.

Sometimes the best vacations are the simple ones and the same is true for jewelry insurance. With GemSafe, you simply go to, upload a photo of your jewelry and a photo of your receipt or appraisal, and complete the online application. The whole process takes about five minutes — less time than most people spend on a hotel website!

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