Five Reasons Your Jewelry Needs GemSafe

Five Reasons Your Jewelry Needs GemSafe

Jewelry has always been a special part of our culture and serves many different purposes. Jewelry is a symbol of love, representation of a memory, a reminder of significance and at GemSafe we understand the priceless value of every piece of jewelry that you own. GemSafe— our simple, affordable jewelry insurance that covers your jewelry all year, wherever you take it, anywhere in the world. With GemSafe, lost, stolen, or damaged jewelry is automatically covered. And the best part is that you choose only the coverage that meets your specific needs, including the option to insure just one item, such as an engagement ring or fine watch.

There are actually numerous ways people lose and damage their precious pieces. Here are five common ways people have lost or damaged their jewelry and how GemSafe can protect them:

“Oh No! Lost”

You always shake your head in disbelief that someone could simply just lose their wedding ring. You wonder how any person could ever be so careless and let that happen. Until one day after a trip to the mall or walking the dog down the block you look down, notice something is missing and go into complete panic mode. Lost jewelry is very common and can happen to anyone at any time. The truth is people lose their jewelry in less exotic ways without even realizing it. Luckily GemSafe offers affordable, comprehensive jewelry coverage that replaces your lost jewelry through your jeweler. Your jewelry is priceless. Make sure you protect the jewelry with priceless protection in case they just simply go missing with GemSafe!

“The Dreadful Drain”

Washing your dishes? Washing your hair? Washing your hands? Chances are you’re very close to a dreadful drain! The kitchen and the bathroom are very common places for jewelry to get damaged and lost. Soap causes slippery fingers that make your jewelry fly off your fingers straight down the drain, often without even realizing it. The worst is turning on the garbage disposal only to hear the clicking and crackling of your beloved piece. This happens more often than you think and at GemSafe we understand – that life happens. GemSafe is here to protect your priceless jewelry GemSafe will repair or replace your lost jewelry. Why would you want to risk it?

“Ouch — That’s Going to Leave a Mark!”

Jewelry isn’t life proof and even a clumsy run in to a wall can damage your piece of jewelry – yes that includes diamonds. Although hard, diamonds are fragile and can be chipped easily. Everyone has their clumsy moments and no one knows when that it may happen. This is why it is really important to protect your jewelry with affordable jewelry insurance through GemSafe. GemSafe will repair your damaged jewelry through your jeweler. You never know when your next fall, bump or trip is…we are all only human!

“Robbed and Ransacked”

It’s a bad feeling: walking into your home only to realize that you’ve been robbed. Coming home after a long day at work, it’s a shock to see your front door wide open — even more disturbing to see everything upended. Thieves take what is valuable –your priceless jewelry. Your precious 20th anniversary band, your father’s watch, and the pair of earrings you rarely wore because they meant that much to you all gone, never to be seen again. This happens often to those that don’t expect it. Having all of your precious pieces stolen is terrible, but to lose the worth of the pieces is unbearable. GemSafe insurance replaces your stolen jewelry at up to 125% of its value.

“Lost at Sea”

Its summertime and it’s time to cool off by taking a dip in the ocean. Splashing through the waves are part of the summer fun. You have two options when it comes to your watches. You can either take it off and leave it on a beach towel, beach chair or beach bag. Or you can leave it on without even thinking about it and head right for the water. Either way, you’re at risk. If you leave it behind you may forget about it, shake out and roll up your towel and not even realize it is missing until later in the day. If you go into the water you face the chance of your fingers getting wet and slippery, even shrinking, and the high chance of losing your ring for good to the bottom of the ocean. The beach is a common place for people to lose their rings and other jewelry. Luckily, GemSafe will protect your pieces by replacing your lost jewelry. So go ahead and enjoy the adventures of life, GemSafe has your priceless pieces protected.