Don’t Get Scrooged. Get GemSafe!

Don’t Get Scrooged. Get GemSafe!

Whether you plan to trim a Christmas tree, light a menorah, or celebrate in your own special way, there’s one tradition you’ll want to avoid this holiday season — parting with your jewelry.

That’s right. Tis the season to be cautious! Why? Because most jewelry is lost or stolen while you’re distracted, traveling, or away from home. Combine all three during the holidays and you’ve got a perfect storm. In fact, the FBI reports that nearly 400,000 home burglaries occur at this time of year alone. And anyone who has experienced last-minute shopping in a packed department store certainly knows something about being distracted.

So what can you do to protect your jewelry and safeguard against loss this holiday season? The best place to start is with a policy from GemSafe — the simple, affordable jewelry insurance that covers your jewelry now and throughout the year, wherever you take it, anywhere in the world.

With GemSafe, lost, stolen, or damaged jewelry is automatically covered. And the best part is that you get to choose only the coverage that meets your specific needs, including the option to insure just one item, such as an engagement ring or fine watch. That flexibility allows you to keep costs down and avoid paying excess insurance.

Another way that GemSafe contains costs is by providing a discount off your premium if you return to your jeweler once a year to have your jewelry examined. The examination is free! Your jeweler simply informs GemSafe of your visit and you get the additional discount.

If that sounds simple, it is. Everything about GemSafe is user friendly, including signing up. Just go to, upload a photo of your jewelry and a photo of your receipt or appraisal, and complete the online application. The whole process takes about five minutes — less time than it will take you to return that sweater from Aunt Harriet.

Don’t ring in the New Year without ring coverage! Play it safe and contact GemSafe today at